Best Tools for Freelancers in 2021

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As of the current statistics, every day a huge number of people are joining in the freelance profession both as a part-time and full-time job. This means the industry is growing progressively with more competition. So, to compete with your fellow contenders, you must provide a comprehensive service with extraordinary features that are not easily available in the market and alluring to your customers.

For this, you need to balance the responsibilities of your business from supervising your time to keep the track of the services. There are many software and tools to help you take your freelance business to the next level. Here, we will discuss some of the most useful tools you can use to upgrade your freelancing career in 2021.

Google Workspace (communication tool)

You have to be deeply acquainted with this one, especially on the collaboration side. It can be called an all-in-one platform and the best communication tool which includes almost every popular freelance app like Google Docs and Gmail.

When you’re at the beginning, you can try the free versions of Gmail and Google Drive. But when you will grow your business significantly larger, then it is best to use the premium version account where you will get some extra features like extra storage, security, a branded email domain, and many others.  

Harvest (Time Management)

With a simple design and powerful functionality, Harvest can be called one of the best time tracking tools out there. It is more like a traditional timesheet but, you can create multiple projects to track your working hour.

Besides, it has great reporting capability and you can create and send invoices also. Up to one seat and two projects, it is completely free of costs. However, to get everything unlimited, you need to upgrade to a paid version.

Trello (Project Management)

With an intuitive design, Trello supports strongly as a project management tool that uses lists, boards, and cards to organize and prioritize your projects and tasks. It is ideal for public product roadmaps and editorial calendars. You can easily find free Trello templates. Besides, Trello can be called the best tool to keep clients aware of project progress.

Calendly (Scheduling Tools)

If you have any question in your mind related to what time would be the best for you to work, and you are a bit confused about it, then Calendly will help you to put an end to your query. It will synchronize your work and personal schedules into one shareable calendar. Your clients and collaborators will then choose a time when you are available and that works for them as well, in just a single click.

1Password (Password Management)

Most people often forget their passwords and have to go through the disgusting and tedious process to reset that again. 1Password could be the perfect password management tool for you that will store and remember your password across various platforms and sites.

Being a freelancer means you may have several email addresses for different clients and this makes the possibility strong that you might forget some of them. By using this tool, you can say goodbye to your pen and paper memories and you’ll never forget your login details again.

MarketerHire (Pipeline)

This is a wonderful pipeline resource for freelance marketers. The specialty of Marketwire is that it vets marketers and accepts only the top 5% as freelancers which traditional marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork can’t have. The goal of this platform is to connect top-level marketers to companies that will respect their craft and at the same time drive excellent real business results for both. It’s a wonderful place to deal with high-quality clients and get paid for the rate your work deserves.

Canva (Create Graphics)

The first impression is always the most important and every time visuals play that significant role. A lucrative designed ad or an eye-catching logo will significantly help your business to grow.

Canva is a platform that will provide templates and tools to create mind-blowing and attractive visuals without any prerequisite of design experience. Which means you don’t need to be an expert in this arena. The free version of Canva includes over 8,000 templates and 100+ different types of design, from presentation to social media posts.

If you want to go a step in advance, the Pro and Enterprise versions which are priced at a certain rate per month can offer more advanced options such as custom font uploads and branding kits.

Using the right tool can change your freelancing career within a very short period that you could not even imagine. These are some of the best resources you can use as tools and go for in 2021 to boost your works. There are many other good and easily workable tools as well. All you need to do is based on your service choose the right one and take the advantage to step up from the crowd.

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